We promote a clear and uniform contractual wording that reduces the possibility of discrepancies and the use of inappropriate arguments when complaints are made between the parties.
We believe in a simple and sophisticated contractual structure, which allows professionals from both the client company and the contractor to access the contractual guidelines in a simple and expeditious manner.
We propose to our clients contractual tools that are functional and useful to the work being built, through the training of contract administrators, the delivery of flowcharts, as well as permanent advice both on site and off site according to the needs of the Project.
Collaboration and risk sharing
A correct contractual writing must make a real collaboration between the parties, and not merely a declaration, with the main objective of carrying out the work. A distribution of risks designed to be assigned to the party that is best able to bear them is an essential part of the success of a Project.
Comprehensive view
Our services consider the Construction Project as a complex sum of elements that converge in the result, success or failure of a certain work: For us it is not only about engineering and clauses that comply with the legislation, but also about the effective incorporation of components that have acquired preponderance in recent years such as the community variable and environmental aspects.
Dispute prevention s
One of our pillars in contract drafting and contract administration advice is to make the parties aware of the inconvenience of litigating a dispute. Our contracts are equipped with a series of mechanisms aimed at reaching agreements between the parties, from those involving the AOs to those involving the senior management of the client company and contractor.
Each work, each project, differs from another despite similar soil, climatic, community or engineering characteristics. We believe that "serial" contracts, as long as there is no unification in the national industry, are not an effective alternative. On the contrary, we believe that each work requires a contract ad-hoc to its needs and characteristics, which must be planned in advance and neatly and with the real and active participation of the company's management.
In contractual matters, we value honesty as the clear and early manifestation of any vicissitude, error or possible controversy that may arise during the execution of the work. Our objective is to provide maximum support during the construction phase, avoiding delays or abusive attitudes towards the counterpart, whether this is the client or the contractor.